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Lexical field : ghost

Vision, specter, haut, apparition, poltergeist, presence, penumbra, umbra, spook (fantôme)
Shadow, dark, shade, obscurity, bloom (éclat)
Demon, devil, phantom
Spirit, soul, conscience, feeling, intelligence, essence
To spook (effrayer/hanter), to haunt, to alarm, to horrify, to panic, to strike terror into,  to petrify, to scare
to startle (surprendre/effaroucher), to astonish, to shake up
Castle, donjon, manor, fortification, mansion, tower, estate
Blow (souffle), breath, gasp, exhalation
Suddenly, all of a sudden, quickly, abruptly, precipitously, swiftly
Burst, crack, detonation, a gust (of wind), spurt (sursaut)
Brightness, illumination, brilliance, light, luminosity, shine
Dark, black, cloudy, dim (pale), darkened, shadowy, somber, foggy, misty (brumeux)

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