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Twilight / dark-night : lexical field

Rembrandt : Le philosophe en méditation

Vocabulary :
Twilight ; half-light ; chiaroscuro

Day – bright – illumine- light – gay- shine- brightness –lucid –lights- sun
Depth – dark- obscure- night- shades – gloomy (sombre) –nocturnal –darkens
Glimmer (lueur)- eyes
ancient", "decay", "uninhabited", "abandoned", "old place", "desolation", "desertion".
 "grass and weeds (mauvaises herbes)", "rows of dark trees", "a fallen tree", "the tufted grass", "melancholy trees", "melancholy of the secluded valley", "an enchanted forest".
New, old, morning, evening, nightmare, dream
Wakefulness (vigilance) ; to sense ; to perceive
Bright, color, light in color, dark in color
hard, soft, rough, sharp, dull, warm, cold, pure, clean, dirty 
Mind, reason, to think, reflect, to believe, to understand, to know, to seem

To doubt, to be frightened, to be afraid of
To arise, to menace
Surly (maussade), austere, relief (soulagement)

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