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Sport : lexical field

Which sport are you made for ?

Sailing, Synchronized swimming, swimming, canoeing, water polo, rowing (aviron), diving (plongée), kayaking, yatching
Equestrian, fencing (escrime), trampoline, Tae Kwan do, Weightlifting (musculation)
Volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, soccer, table tennis, tennis, field hockey
Archery, gymnastic, track and field, cycling, golf, dance, bowling
Bobsleigh, skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, figure skating, luge, speed skating
Athletic, exercise, contest (concours), competition, match, price, race
Action, activity, training, performance, effort/endeavour
Achievement (exploit), attempt (tentative), battle, force, discipline, accomplishment
Tension, energy, muscle
Calm, relaxing,
Stressful, hard, tiring
Amusement, diversion, passion, pastime, game, pleasure
Fun, amusing, enjoyable, lively, pleasant
Ball, racket, net, ground
To disport (distraire), to play, to entertain (divertir), to move, to have fun
To win, to practice, to lose, to face (affronter)

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